Why You Should Consider An Apprenticeship

Why do an apprenticeship?


Apprenticeships are a great way to get your foot in the door in your chosen career path and gain a qualification and essential skills whilst working. Here are some reasons why doing an apprenticeship may be a great option for you.


An alternative to university

Many students leaving school after their GCSEs or A Levels are choosing to do an apprenticeship rather than going to university. Apprenticeships are now being seen as a valid and equivalent alternative to university, particularly with this generation, when previously they were often looked down on. Apprenticeship qualifications are offered from levels 2 – 7 with level 2 qualifications being equivalent to GCSEs whilst level 7 is equivalent to a degree. The range of choice means you can find a course suited to your abilities and level of knowledge.


Earn a wage and not paying for your qualification

A key benefit many apprentices find is that you can earn whilst you learn. You are entitled to the apprenticeship minimum wage, although often employers will pay more, and you earn a wage for the duration of your qualification. Not having to pay just over £9000 a year is also appealing to a lot of people wanting to continue with their education, finding the cost of university daunting is often a huge factor in deciding what to pursue. With an apprenticeship, the cost of your qualification is covered by the government and, depending on the size of the company, your employer.


Gain workplace experience

When doing an apprenticeship, you gain valuable workplace experience alongside the training for your qualification. Jumping into the world of adult working life can be a big change, however unlike most university students, you are a step ahead and continue to gain experience in a working environment whilst having a level of job security. Similarly, doing an apprenticeship means you constantly learn in a more hands-on, practical way rather than classroom-based learning. Depending on your preferred learning style and what area of work you want to go into, an apprenticeship may suit you.


Develop skills

An apprenticeship qualification will provide you with sector specific skills as well as help you to broaden your general skillset, enhancing your CV. Learning through on-the-job experience is often invaluable, apprentices are always learning up to date methods and techniques in their chosen area. Every skill you learn whilst undertaking an apprenticeship will be transferable and useful to you throughout the rest of your career, no matter what your job role is.


Personalised support system

Apprentices receive ongoing, personalised support from their employer. Programmes are often tailored to your needs and you are provided with structure and 1 to 1 support in the workplace as well as from your apprenticeship provider. This level of support is usually not matched in other education providers such as university or college. Having both a manager in your workplace and a tutor from your apprenticeship provider ensures you go through your apprenticeship feeling supported in all areas.


What our apprentices have to say


“I chose to do an apprenticeship after dropping out of university at the end of first year. I found that I prefer learning whilst working, I feel like I have more support here from my manager and training provider and I’m really enjoying it so far!” – Alex

“I chose to do an apprenticeship because I didn’t really enjoy being in a classroom environment. I wanted to do something where I could get a qualification as well as learning on the job experience, in my opinion it was the best decision I have made. Being at work where you can get on the job experience in the sector of work and still earn a qualification is a no brainer. It really helps you to develop your life skills along with gaining a qualification without being stuck in a classroom.” – Kristen

“As an apprentice you can earn while you learn whilst working alongside experienced staff who help you to develop job specific skills. As a Morgan King apprentice, you receive support and guidance that is needed to transition you into a full-time role. Everyone is treated equally, and you feel valued no matter your position within the business.” – Jess

“I chose to do an apprenticeship because in college, I still felt like I was being treated like a child. I wanted to get straight into work, and I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do in the first place. I think that choosing an apprenticeship can help you decide what you want to do in the future and what your preferences are. I am loving my apprenticeship at the moment as I’m learning new things each day. It also gives you the opportunity to meet new people and create new friends.” – Cody

“I chose to do an apprenticeship as I never enjoyed the idea of staying in education full time. I went to college for a couple months to study subjects I had no interest in doing in the future and found it very boring and belittling. This was when I decided to go into an apprenticeship and earn while I learn however, Covid hit us like a truck and made this very difficult. In October 2020, I dropped out of college and had a few jobs in hospitality for nearly a year and then in August, I was contacted by an agency. I am loving doing an apprenticeship as I am still gaining my qualifications while learning valuable and realistic life skills.”


Why should you hire an apprentice?


Adapt the apprentice to company needs

Hiring apprentices has many benefits for you as an organisation. Bringing in someone as an apprentice allows you to adapt their training and integrate them into your workplace to fit in with your organisation. With the apprenticeship training being specific to your business needs, it will fill any skill gaps within your workforce and potentially free up time for employees who had previously been picking up tasks an apprentice would do.


Increases staff retention

Investing in your people means investing in your business; upskilling existing staff saves on the costs of recruitment and increases staff loyalty and retention. 90% of apprentices stay on after finishing their qualification and having an integrated employee who is already trained in your organisation means there is usually no need to look at outside hires.


Up to date training

With apprentices learning on the job, as a business you can keep up with the constant technological and digital innovations, and ensure employees have current skillsets. Sometimes the skills graduates are taught become outdated by the time they start looking for a job whereas you will not encounter that problem with any apprentices you have.


Improves company reputation

As well as being beneficial for your business, many people feel that taking on apprentices improves your reputation as a company. It gets your business noticed and contributes more to society by giving back and offering something to the community.


Government funding

There is funding available when hiring an apprentice with most if not all the training costs covered. You can apply for an incentive payment of £3000 for any apprentices in your company who started between 1st October 2021 and 31st March 2022.


Here at Morgan King, we currently have 7 apprentices who are all invaluable members of the organisation and contribute just as much as every other employee. Looking into apprenticeships is a very worthwhile thing for both potential apprentices and employers and we would highly recommend it!