What Makes A Good Manager


The right manager can make all the difference between you loving and thriving in your job, and you completely hating it. You will most likely remember all your managers for either their good or bad qualities and no doubt have your own opinions on what you would have done differently or better.

Being a manager is demanding, they usually have so many things going on all at once that they are constantly stressed. Whilst it is a challenging position, it can also be very rewarding when successful.

So, what does make a good manager?


Effective communication

A good manager will know how to communicate effectively with everyone in their team. Understanding how to communicate will lead to strong professional relationships as well as efficient delivery and understanding of tasks and projects. Good managers know the best methods of communication for each employee as well as how often to communicate.


Acknowledge the best in people

Managers that identify and acknowledge the different qualities that people bring to a project and organisation and give credit where its due are much more likely to have happier employees and a better working relationship. Many people feel they don’t get enough recognition at work which can impact the effort they put in at work and their attitude towards their job. A good manager identifies strengths and potential in employees and offers criticism in a constructive manner.


Inspires others

A good manager will continuously inspire and encourage others. Managers who understand that providing a positive work environment is just as important as having a productive, successful team will have better working, and happier employees. A good manager will provide moral as well as practical support and support members of their team in their personal lives as well as professional lives.


Set clear, achievable goals

Something many people struggle with is finding motivation for something they don’t see the purpose of. A good manager will set clear expectations of employees and have a good idea of what to expect from them based on their abilities. When employees understand reasoning behind things, they are much more likely to be compliant and keen to get the job done to a high standard.


Build positive relationships

Being friendly and approachable is an important part of being a good manager. If employees know that you are always open for a chat or a catch up if they need it, it builds a good working relationship and a level of trust. This all contributes to how well an employee will perform at work and the level of interest and care they have towards their job role. Offering praise and support when needed can do wonders for an employee’s productivity and can make your job as a manager easier.


a good manager and team


Team building

A good manager will acknowledge the different members of the team and put effort in towards ensuring their team works well together. There’s a difference between assembling a team and making sure they can work well together and sometimes that extra bit of team building activities is necessary. Team building may also involve conflict resolution which is a skill a good manager needs to understand and be capable of.


Being organised

It goes without saying that people in a managerial role have a lot to deal with. In order to be successful and run a team properly, you must be organised and keep track of everything that is competing for your attention. Being able to cope under a certain amount of pressure and remain organised is key and will ensure the smooth running of a team.


Don’t micromanage

No employee likes to be micromanaged, if you ever have been, you’ll know just how annoying it is. A good manager is aware that their employees need a certain amount of freedom and is willing to provide that. Micromanaging tells employees that their manager doesn’t have confidence in their skills or abilities which can affect their job performance and how they feel at work. Good managers will understand this and find a balance with their employees that works for them.


A good manager will influence their team in a positive way. They help them develop their skills and provide them with opportunities to grow and become better in their job. Good managers will know and understand each individual employee and how they work together as a team, building a positive work culture as well as a productive environment.