My First 100 days at Morgan King

Cait is the Temporary Consultant for Accountancy and Finance, she has been working with Morgan King for the past 100 days, starting in January this year. Working in recruitment for three years prior to starting at Morgan King, Cait gives an insight into life at Morgan King, about her experience and why Morgan King is a great place to work.

"Tell us about your role at Morgan King."

I manage the transactional temporary recruitment for Morgan King Accountancy & Finance. I was brought in to build a network in the Finance sector with SME's and Shared Service Centres, alongside growing a temporary desk in our division which has been established for just over a year. I recruit Purchase Ledgers, Sales Ledgers, Credit Controllers, Finance Assistants, Management Accountants, Finance Managers and more.

"You studied Psychology at University, why did you choose recruitment as a career?"

To be honest, I think the two are interchangeable. Psychology has many elements, you learn about individuals’ characteristics, behaviours, attitudes, and norms. Being the study of mind and behaviour, it’s very relevant to recruitment. Emotional intelligence is critical in this job, you're not only an employer, but you’re also a counsellor, an advocate, an interviewer, a decision maker, and a friend. There is also a very fine line between manipulation and getting people to think the same way you do, that's why I do this job. I want people to see their full potential and what they can achieve and help them get to exactly where they need to be in their careers by bringing back that personal touch that people have missed out on the last few years.

"What can you say about your first 100 days with Morgan King?"

Wow, that's what I can say! I feel like my abilities are being recognised, my ideas are being heard, and my challenges have been overcome (not alone). They say recruitment is a "cutthroat" industry, it’s hard to find somewhere you feel like you belong, especially when your aspirations are high, and you are made to feel like you're too aspirational throughout your career. All I've felt here is constant recognition. I've been given responsibility, autonomy, and transparency. An example, I have been met by numerous hurdles because of the way I work and have been given ways to overcome them every time by my Manager and my Managing Director. I get asked the question, "will this help you achieve?", if the answer is "yes", it's led by "of course - anything you need, and if it works for you, we will offer it to everyone else". Delivering on promises is a big thing for me, it has been my blocker in previous roles, but it's safe to say I am still waiting for the day at Morgan King.

"Recruitment isn't for the faint hearted. What challenges have you faced while being with Morgan King, and how did you overcome them?"

Well, as anyone else in recruitment at the moment, I've had some tough weeks. The market isn't what it used to be, but being persistent is key. Backouts, deadlines and constant managing of expectations can take its toll. Also, going back to the comment on emotional intelligence, it’s something that comes with time, which after my 3 years in recruitment, I'm still a long way from where I plan to be. I would say the rest (and the majority) of my challenges have been overcome due to the people I surround myself with at work. My team are resourceful and want to help me if I ever struggle. Whether that is calling people back I may not have had the chance to due to being swamped under, or just offering advice and peace of mind when I don't feel confident in my abilities. This is not excluding the Morgan King Group as a whole, I've been able to talk informally and comfortably with other managers and team members at Morgan King about challenges I have faced, and they have supported me. Embracing change and being challenged is the best way I learn, I would say it is making mistakes first to learn from them, however, if I can be advised otherwise before a mistake is made, I'd rather the latter. 

"In the last 100 days, what did your best days look like?"

Wow, how long have you got? In this first quarter, I have had the pleasure of being part of some amazing events and incentives. I knew a few things that were offered before I started my role. Such as the amazing Christmas parties, awards, company festival, bonus structure, but I was not prepared for everything else that was to come. We have had guest speakers come into the business to give us market advice, business strategies and motivational seminars. Morgan King have put on an event for St Patrick's Day, International Women's Day, and the grand opening of our new head office. Oh yes, and we moved into a new Head Office in February, which has all been custom built with an onsite free gym and showers, client event area, hot desk area, kitchen, locker room, staff events space, and even a doggy day care! I was voted the Hardest Worker in my first month by my colleagues and senior team, alongside being voted Managers Choice. I have qualified for Top Performers Club for Q1 and will be attending the event in May for the award ceremony. I have been wined and dined by my manager with my team for birthday meals and team incentives.

My Managing Director is not shy to tell me when he thinks I am doing a good job, even when he is Dubai running our Dubai office, he asks me for my opinions on things, what would help a situation and other than being in Dubai to run the company, I see him all the time! I've got some exciting things to look forward to over the next few weeks, with "Wrap Up", we go over last month’s numbers and final quarter figures as a full business, we praise those existing who have met their targets and the new starters that are flying. This is made to be a very motivating and commendable half day with an early finish on that Friday. We all met our targets for Q1, so will be heading to the Titanic Spa to wreak the benefits of our hard work in 2 weeks’ time. We have MK Fest which is just a few months away, they hire DJ's, Food Vans, Tepee’s and even clients! You need to stop me otherwise I will go on forever. 

"You were offered from other businesses in the market, some with over 20 years in the market. Tell us why you decided on a career with Morgan King?"

I found when Paul, my current manager and the Managing Director, James interviewed me, they were very likable from the start. They asked me where I saw myself in the next 5 years and what I would need to achieve that. They answered all the questions I had to make a decision, they were transparent, and I didn't feel pressured whatsoever on taking the offer. Honestly, they were just genuine. James is also a big investor in people. I've met owners of boutique agencies that are not open to change, demand perfection and that under plan their business model which can impact heavily on you. From my interview to now, James is a people person that understands what it's like to be let down by an agency, and he wanted something different in Morgan King. But in essence, Paul was the decider for me. I knew from his kind approach, recognition of my potential and constructive feedback that I would benefit heavily being led by someone like that. Which I am.

"What would you say to prospective consultants looking to join Morgan King?"

We've all had bad experience in jobs, if you haven't, you are one of the lucky ones. I would say if you wanted to work with like-minded people, if you want to see your potential in recruitment and you are serious about making moves quickly, come work with us. I would say there are many agencies that can get you to a good place, but if you want to be in a great place, with all the tools you need to succeed, and have honesty, laughs and praise in your job, come to Morgan King.