Geo-Environmental Consultancy

What is geo-environmental consultancy?


Geo-environmental consultancy is a relatively new profession that aims to create a healthier and safer environment. Consultants will identify any potential environmental risks and liabilities associated with any construction projects and advise organisations on how they can reduce pollution and contamination. A geo-environmental consultant will oversee the implementation of environmental laws and the need for this type of consulting continues to grow.


A geo-environmental consultant’s workload will usually consist of field work and desk work. Field work includes going on site visits, taking samples, and assessing systems in place and levels of contamination or pollution. Desk work typically involves writing reports on ideas and findings, informing clients about legislative issues, and presenting latest data results.


Often, you need a geo-environmental consultant if instructed by a regulator that in order to approve development on a specific site the site needs to be environmentally safe. Consultants can help with preventative measures such as endangered species, emissions, and other developmental issues that could be costly in the future. Geo-environmental consultancy also helps with environmental related remediation and ensures that restoration processes remain safe for the environment and people involved.


Services provided by a geo-environmental consultancy typically include:

  • Site investigations
  • Borehole drilling
  • Soil and groundwater sampling
  • Groundwater risk assessment
  • Ground gas risk assessment
  • Desk studies
  • Quantitative risk assessment
  • Remediation schemes
  • Reports (data results)
  • Waste classification
  • Provide renewable energy alternatives
  • Pollution and contamination assessment
  • Health and security documentation
  • Inform clients about legislation


water assessment sample


Why is it important?


Environmental consulting is a crucial service for businesses and preserves the health of the environment as well as human health. We need to do all we can to help protect our environment and geo-environmental consulting does this on a local scale.


It ensures best practices

Environmental consultants are instrumental in ensuring that industry standards and regulations are maintained and that businesses are employing best practices when it comes to environmental and human health. A geo-environmental consultancy will help a business become aware of its activities and the impact they have and then help them to implement sustainable management plans. Businesses will become aware of their actions and hopefully drive them to be more environmentally friendly.


Spreads environmental awareness

Geo-environmental consultations will naturally help spread awareness about the environment and educate individual businesses on the impact that they and their projects have on the environment. Businesses will realise that it is possible to be simultaneously commercially successful and environmentally responsible. Simply conversing with an environmental consultant can open eyes and minds and promote environmental awareness and conscientiousness.


Protects the community

Geo-environmental consultancy plays a big part in protecting local communities. Investigating levels of pollution and contamination is a regular aspect of a consultation which can reveal areas that are unsafe for people. Consultants are also trained and qualified to carry out tests such as soil testing, asbestos, and groundwater assessment. If an area is found to be hazardous, steps can be taken to improve the health of the environment so it can be safely used by the community. In this way, geo-environmental consultancy slowly manages the safety and health of the environment and its local community.


Avoid penalties and fines

Governments are continuously imposing environmental policies and regulations as a response to rising awareness of environmental concerns and there are penalties and fines for non-compliance. To avoid running into legal issues, hire an environmental consultant who will be able to explain any legal requirements you need to abide by and ensure you are compliant.


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